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Stokes County Schools Cafeteria Charge Policy

  • Pre-paid meal plan is encouraged. Our department and the individual schools encourage students and parents to participate in the pre-paid meal plan as an alternative to the purchasing of meals on a daily basis in order to reduce the incidence of students forgetting or losing their meal money. As all school cafeterias possess computerized point of sale/cash register systems, it is recommended that parents be informed by the school that meals can be paid for in advance and maintained in their student's account so as to minimize the possibility that the student may be without meal money on any given day. The computerized system will maintain a record of all monies deposited and spent for each student. A copy of this report will be available to parents upon request.

  • High School Students are NOT allowed to charge.
  • All food and beverage charges are due to be paid within seven days. Each week, reminders of charges and amount owed will be sent by automated phone calls will be used to notify parents of charges.
  • If a student is without meal money on a consistent basis, the principal is encouraged to investigate the situation more closely, including contacting the parent/guardian to bring money to the school and/or encouraging the parent/guardian to apply for free or reduced price meals. The school principal reserves the right to withhold report cards and /or class schedules pending payment of charges. The school principal also reserves the right to restrict participation in selected extracurricular activities until charges are cleared.
  • Federal law prohibits the charging of adult meals.
  • The School Nutrition Program of Stokes County Public Schools is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students. Students with medical dietary needs must complete a dietary medical statement form and return it to the cafeteria manager.
  • Stokes County Schools will comply with all Federal, State and Local law and policy regarding the sale of competitive foods.