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​Youth Haven Services is a comprehensive mental health agency specializing in children, adolescents and their families. We now offer treatment services for adults as well! We focus on providing individual attention and quality treatment in a culturally competent environment to enhance the stabilization of you and your family. We are a CARF accredited, CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency) serving Rockingham, Caswell, Stokes and surrounding counties.

Day Treatment Day treatment serves youth: elementary through high school, who, for behavioral/emotional reasons, cannot safely and successfully attend a public-school setting.

The Day Treatment programs are specialized learning environments in which clients receive treatment in smaller, more individualized classroom settings. The programs are housed in the public-school setting. We partner with the Rockingham and Stokes county school systems, as we provide clinical oversight and direction to the programs. This partnership ensures that each youth is able to earn school credits while acquiring strategies to successfully cope with their behavioral and emotional challenges.

Our Program Goals   
•    The youth will be able to successfully transition back to their regular classroom    setting or will transition into employment (for older students). 
•    The youth will make satisfactory school progress and will interact positively and  appropriately with staff and peers.   
•    The youth will acquire appropriate skills to be able to function in their              home/school/ community successfully.   
•    The youth will acquire strategies to successfully cope with their mental health or substance use issues and will improve their quality of life.

At our last yearly outcomes measures, over 98% of parents rate our Day Treatment service as good or excellent and 71% of our discharges were able to be successfully transitioned back into their regular classroom setting.                            

Meadowbrook Campus Staff

Cassandra Blair School Based Therapy Services Director  Carlos Doggett
Day Treatment, Site Director

  Keren Williams
Individual Therapist
    Steve Carter QP
Kim Burrow
Case Manager